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How to Shoot a Basketball
Basketball is one sport that has a truly shared appreciation in different corners of the globe. It is always exciting to watch and play this game. It continues to gain a following and chooses no age and gender. It is game that requires a good level of athleticism. You need speed and stamina to be able to play throughout the game against other players. You need to have good agility both to maneuver the ball and to guard opponents trying to score a basket. You need to have a balance of strength and control as you pass, move and shoot the ball. You also need to have a degree of balance to ensure your landing and form as you play to score and to guard. In the vert shock review you learn this is a vital aspect to becoming a better player.
Basketball Players are measured by a variety of statistics, but what makes players popular is how well they score and shoot in the game. So the first thing they often train on is how to shoot a basketball. There are many aspects involved in learning to shoot, and there are so many different shots to choose from depending on the defense played against a shooting player and the strategy played by the team for scoring/game play.
But as one trains to start to learn the game, shooting is often the first skill you need to understand. So here are the basics on how to shoot a basketball:
• Stance and Form
Keep your feet apart at shoulder-width. The objective is to have your lower body squared up with the basket. It means that all your toes should be pointing towards the basket. While this form is not meant to be 100% perfect and most successful players actually deviate a bit from it. But in general your feet need to be facing one side of the rim.
Choose a stance that you can repeat comfortably since consistency in following through determines you consistency in a successful shot.
Flex and bend your knees on every shot. • Grip You need to have a good grip of the ball to have better control of it. You can achieve this by spreading your fingers. Leave space between the ball and your palms but ensure that the ball is sitting on your fingers’ pads.
Your non-shooting hand is meant for balance and not force, keep it on the side of the ball to assist with the direction your shooting hand is aiming for.
As you hold the ball you would have your shooting hand behind it and the other on the side
• Shooting Movement
The force as you shoot will be coming from your shooting hand moved in coordination by force from legs as you bend your knees and jump. It should all happen in one fluid motion.
1. Start by aiming your shooting hand at the rim 2. Raise the ball to eye-level 3. Bend your knees as you move your shooting hand 4. Roll the ball on your fingers as you straighten your knees for a jump 5. You release the ball as you rise from the jump 6. Release with a relaxed wrist 7. Your elbow wrist should be aligned in one line to the rim while the fingers from your shooting hand are pointed towards the rim
One sign that you have moved correctly on a shot is the ball’s backspin. With practice on a consistent form, grip and motion, you will start seeing that basketball going through that rim.